Kent and Strathern, Edward Augustus, Duke of

Kent and Strathern, Edward Augustus, Duke of
   Fourth son of George III and father of Queen Victoria. Sent to Canada, 1791; served in West Indies, 1794; returned to Canada, 1796; commander-in-chief of forces in British North America, 1799-1800; governor of Gibraltar, 1802-1803; field-marshal, 1805.
   Index: S Commands 7th Fusiliers in garrison at Quebec, 47; visits Simcoe at Navy Hall, 183; visits Niagara Falls, 183; is entertained by Robert Hamilton at Queenston, 184. Dr Arrival of, 270; popularity of, 275; service at Halifax, 276. MS Stationed in Canada, 98; his friendship for Alexander Mackenzie, 98.
   Bib.: Dict. Nat. Biog.

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